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By building connections with potential partners, suppliers and customers, strengthening your reputation, showcasing your business and putting our expert marketing team to work for you.


We help you Engage with businesses and prospects across the South West.


27,000 contacts to connect you to, for trade, partnerships and collaboration.


Qualified connections across the South West for increased sales and growth.

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At the centre of 1m+
prospect interactions.

For over 18 years we’ve built an incredible contact list and a deep understanding of business in the South West.

Through our Hub and Expo we provide you with all these benefits…

…all for less than a week’s minimum wage!


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Put yourself at the heart of South West business

We help businesses connect.

Over 18 years we have built an incredible contact list and a deep understanding of how business works in the South West. Through our Hub and Expo we provide you with all the benefits of:

A sales team
A marketing team
A social media team
27,000 new B2B contacts
A 500,000 strong social reach
The biggest expo outside London

Working for you year round for less than a weeks wages!

Let’s achieve something amazing…
Through our HUB
And then tell everyone about it!
Through our EXPO

Meet new partners, suppliers and customers

Hub & Events

Meet… Everyone!

Ok, not quite everyone, just everyone you NEED to meet. We’re known and trusted by 27,000+ business people in the South West and beyond.

We connect you through lunches, events, sponsorship, in person and online. In each case we bring LIKE-MINDED businesses, ideas, projects and plans together to form partnerships and trade that will grow your business and boost your sales.

You can simply contact people direct if you prefer. They will know that as a member of SWBC you’re a reputable business. However you want to work, we help you engage, connect and grow

Be part of the biggest Expo outside London


Grow Customers

Promote your business to over 4,000 delegates in a single day. Being at the expo puts your business firmly on the map.

A full range of stand sizes is just the beginning. We connect to printers, banner makers, tech companies and more to help you get the right materials to make the best impression.

Over 1million reached through #SWBexpo last year!

Grow Suppliers

The 300+ businesses on show all do business in your region, making trade and partnerships practical and viable.

Our expo goes beyond the stands. We help you connect with other delegates with speed networking, learn through focussed workshops and stay up to date with the latest news and info with keynote speakers.

“Having exhibited over the last 4 years we have no hesitation in recommending SW Expo. The effort and organisation before during and after the event is exceptional with a massive amount of support.”

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What we do

It’s not what you know…

However you engage with us, we connect you to a million opportunities, from our 500,000+ weekly social reach to the 4,000+ who attend our expo, 300,000+ visits to our website to every conversation we have with clients, prospects and other businesses across the region.

You can get every benefit at once or choose a tailored package for your business. Either way, we guarantee you’ll get the cost of your membership back within the year from the discounts and offers alone.

If you’re not sure of the best solution for you, talk to us, and we’ll help you get the right tools for your business to succeed.


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